Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm Sunburned, I Have a Mullet and Other Updates

Here's what's been happening lately...
  • Right after I wrote my list of 20 goals yesterday I decided to head over to Kohls (with a 15% off coupon I found online) and I bit the bullet and bought some good walking shoes.  They are New Balance shoes made specifically for walking and, while they don't look "cool" at all, they made a huge difference in my walk today.  We did over 9 miles and my feet felt great whereas last week, wearing my tennis shoes, my feet were aching by mile five.  The shoes cost $41 on sale and it was practically painful to part with that much money for shoes but they were well worth the price!
  • I got my haircut at our usual chain $12 per haircut place.  The problem with the cheap haircut places is that the turnover is so high that you never get the same stylist twice.  The last girl took a razor to thin out my kinky hair which made my hair very unhappy (and it reacted accordingly) and then this time I ended up with a mullet from another girl who had no idea what to do with my hair.  Eekkk  I think I should just cut it all off.  I still haven't talked hubby into cutting my hair for me which would #1, be free, and #2, couldn't be worse than what these other people do to it :I
  • I got out with the volksmarchers today and did a 9 mile Lake Mead hike.  People always rave about it and I can see why--there are five huge tunnels over an abandoned railroad tracks, it circles around part of Lake Mead, and ended up at the bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam which was very cool.  Fortunately I remembered to put suntan lotion on my face, unfortunately I forgot to put suntan lotion on my arms and they are quite red now.
  • I am positively swimming in data that I got from the LDS genealogy library.  Once a week I make it a point to go to the library and add to my genealogy research.  It is free, it is open to everyone even if you aren't Mormon, the people there are very helpful, and it gives you free access to Ancestry and other genealogy sites that require you to pay if you access them from your home (at the library the access is free and you just have to download the documents such as photos and census records to a flash drive to save).
Anyway, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and I wish I could email you some of the beautiful 75 degree weather we are having here now!


  1. New to your blog and I've found a treasure already! I'm new to genealogy research and have been debating joining one of the paid sites to access info archived there...So please tell me: Is this at any U.S. library? My husband offered me a six months membership as a treat to me, but gracious if I could access for free and then save to flashdrive...Well I'd just make it a point to go to the library once a week! Or even twice, lol.

  2. The genealogy services are at LDS/Mormon genealogy libraries. If you use and come across records that say "explore viewing option" you will then be able to click on "family search centers" then by entering your zip code it will link you to the nearest center. It really is a great way to get records for free!

  3. Your hike sounded great! I use a chain haircut place too and despite getting a different stylist each time, I've only had a bad cut far!