Friday, March 1, 2013

20 Goals for March

Last month I wrote out my goals for February and although I didn't complete all of them, I did at least make progress and knocked quite a few things off the list.  It seems like even if I don't cross off every goal on my list, at least when I do list them out I seem to accomplish a lot more than keeping a fuzzy list in my head of things I want to do.  Which brings me to today's post: my 20 goals for March:

  1. Do an Around the Bend Friends hike. (we hiked the bird sanctuary in Henderson and it was beautiful!)
  2. Do a Lake Mead hike. (awesome hike around Lake Mead and to the Hoover Dam)
  3. Buy and install a shower door in my bathroom.
  4. Do the Boulder City volksmarch. (Ive never been to Boulder city before, it's such a cute town!)
  5. Do the Peccole Ranch volksmarch. (a really pretty walk)
  6. Do the Green Valley volksmarch. (a nice walk!)
  7. Go to a presentation by Julia Quinn (my favorite romance author). (She is so wonderful! Great talk!)
  8. Meet up with a friend who is coming to Vegas. (we met up, had dinner, and caught up. Fun!)
  9. Go to San Francisco.
  10. Go to a concert. (fun but really really loud)
  11. Get my concealed carry license.
  12. Go to a reddit meet up.
  13. Go ice skating. (fun but I like rollerskating better)
  14. Get and install a new kitchen faucet.
  15. Work on filling my first box for the school in the Philippines. (made progress by adding more books and school supplies)
  16. Go to the genealogy club meeting. (great topics and wonderful group of people!)
  17. Do two other volksmarches. (done and I sent my first event card in for recognition of some sort)
  18. Buy a good pair of walking shoes. (I LOVE them!)
  19. Get other stuff needed for our April trip (train tickets, ORCA card, Blackball tickets, etc).
  20. Go rollerskating. (so much fun!)

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  1. Hello there
    Popped over from Gill's to see what you've been up to. Well there are 31 days in March and 20 very interesting things on your list to get done in that time. Wonder how many you will be able to cross off at the end of the month??
    Good Luck