Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Ever have one of those days where you are just in the zone and things go along even better than you had planned?  Well that was my day today.  I started last night with a big list of goals and other things that I wanted to accomplished this week.  I was a little disheartened because while there are a lot of things I want to do, most of the things on my list take money (some take A LOT of money) and I haven't had any freelance work in over a month so I am decidedly low on money.  But I went forward hopefully and this is what happened today:

  • I finished up my first ten volksmarches kast Saturday so I sent my card in for recognition (that's 100k done towards reaching my goal of walking 500k this year).
  • A month or so ago I sent in a card that came with our energy bill for free home services for seniors (hubby is a senior so we qualified).  This morning a very nice couple showed up and proceeded to replace all of our faucet and shower aerators, insulate our hot water tank, and put in new weather stripping around the door.  All for free!
  • I have "go to a concert" on my annual goal list.  I would really like to go to a Celine Dion concert but that would be way too expensive ($200+ per seat!), then I was hoping to go to a Pat Benatar concert last week but alas, at $60 per person, that was too much too, so I was happy when this morning I checked FillASeat and they had a one time opportunity to get two free tickets to a rock concert later this week in Las Vegas.  When I saw that, I figured fate was knocking, and while I wouldn't have gone out of my way to go to a rock concert, I am really excited that we get to go to a concert, cross off a goal on my list, and all for a grand total of FREE!  Plus the concert is a "rock festival" of sorts and will feature Vince Neil, Night Ranger, Skid Row, Warrant, and Quiet Riot--all bands I used to listen to years ago!
  • Then later this morning we were off to go rollerskating which is also on my annual goal list (I tend to have a lot of lists!) so I dragged hubby to our local skating rink and it was SO FUN!  I thought it would cost $8 to skate but was pleasantly surprised that it only cost $6.  There were about 20 seniors skating this morning and they were so nice.  This loosely organized group skates twice a week they said, and the oldest skater is 85 (and fast!); most are in the 70s and equally fast. They offered us coffee and all kinds of snacks and deserts that they brought, and then, while I happily skated around the edges (and I didn't crash and burn! Yeah!) and hubby played a game on my cell phone since he steadfastly refused to skate, we got to watch all of these cool oldsters dancing on skates and doing "the whip" (see photos above).  Even though I haven't skated in a couple of years I had a great time and will definitely be back!  Thank goodness for having a list of goals that challenge me and gets me up off my lazy butt otherwise I wouldn't have realized how much fun I was missing!
  • Finally, I was worried about how I would reach a half dozen other goals I have listed for this week (ice skating, getting my concealed carry license, paying for bus tickets to the Ellen Show, paying for train tickets for part of our trip next month, etc) and was thinking there was no way I could afford all of those things this week.  So I worked on a goal that didn't require any cash outlay (I am working on my second book and hope to have it published in a few months), put my money worries out of my mind, and when I checked the mail today we received a check for $455 from our mortgage company because we had payed too much into the escrow account!  
This was a stellar day!


  1. I'm so jealous you get to go to that concert! I love all those bands! Have fun!! :)

  2. What a day! I would love to go roller skating. You will have a great time at the rock concert - I used to listen to all those bands, too!