Monday, April 8, 2013

Moving Right Along...

We will be leaving by the end of the week and everything seems to be in full swing right now...

  • The genealogy presentation is almost done with both a big descendant chart from the husband and wife that spawned this side of the family and a big ancestor chart listing ten generations (incomplete unfortunately) back from this couple.  Fortunately a great aunt has done a lot of info gathering on all of the living relatives (and gave me some pointers and what to list/what not to list like a cousin who died in a shootout with police--I'd never heard that story--but she said just to put the year he died and leave it at that).  The last thing I want is drama at this reunion and after sorting through all of the living relatives I think it may be best to start genealogy documentation with the last generation that is completely deceased.  Just a thought...
  • Hubby has started packing now, five days in advanced, because it takes him that long to pack (you should see his closet, it's like ten times bigger, and fuller, than mine!  I can pack in about ten minutes.
  • Hubby was nice enough to do a volksmarch with me today.  I want to do one 10k walk a day up until the marathon just to get in shape.  Hubby said no more volksmarching for him--six miles is just too much for his crunchy back and legs.
  • I'm not knocking goals off my monthly goal list as quickly as I'd like, mostly because all require money and we are trying not to spend any money this month until after we see how much we spend on the trip.
  • I LOVE our library.  I was bored a couple of days ago and so I went onto the library website and picked a few ebooks I wanted to read and--surprise--there was no waiting list for the books as there has always been in the past so I was able to immediately download the books to the Kindle app on my computer.  That rocks!
  • I also LOVE reddit.  Case in point, one of my websites had some messed up code that I couldn't figure out so I went to the wordpress subreddit ( and asked how to fix the problem and within minutes someone answered me back with a fix.  Wow!
  • It was windy and rainy in Las Vegas today.  A nice change from hot, sunny weather everyday.
  • I am working away on my next book.  Even though I didn't make much money on my last book, I still earn some money in royalties every month so in theory, the more books I write, the more little bits of royalty income I will make each month.  I'm typing as fast as I can.

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  1. "A nice change from hot, sunny weather everyday."
    It must be unbearable. lol

    I'm going to check out reddit. I recently got a lot of traffic to my blog via reddit and I suspect it was you that mentioned me and added a link. :)