Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Update on Today's Update

So much happened today I decided to do an update on my earlier update:

  • I did an 11k volksmarch on the North Las Vegas Strip today.  It was so flat and such a nice walk that it didn't even feel like walking 6+ miles.  And here is a vacation tip: if you want to explore a new place when you go on vacation, go to and click on the state then city of where you will be.  Find the start box for the volksmarch you want to go on and pick up a walk map with directions.  You don't need to be an actual volksmarch club member and you don't need to pay.  This is an excellent way to get a free walking tour of the area you are at as volksmarches are designed to highlight interesting, scenic places.
  • We skipped the buffet today since it was senior day.  Seniors only pay $4.99 at the Palms for a really excellent lunch buffet and the line was LONG.
  • I decided to make an ancestor chart and a descendant chart for the genealogy presentation at our family reunion.  The ancestor chart is pretty's mom, here's dad, here's their kids.  The descendant chart, not so much.  Here's mom, here's her kid with boyfriend #1, here's another kid with husband #1, here's dad with kids from this woman and that woman...eekkk.
  • I look like the kleenex fairy.  Used kleenex in my pocket, used kleenex in my purse, used kleenex in my computer bag...allergy season sucks.
  • I went online to apply for the job I talked about earlier and it was making me cringe.  First you have to sign up and get a user name and password, then you have to input all of your work info, education info etc, then you need to upload a resume (why list everything then post your resume with the exact same info?), then you have to agree to pee in a cup to prove you aren't a drug addict, then you need to wait and wonder whether anyone will even look at your application...ugh.  So I decided to skip all of that and simply write a letter to the agency that is hiring for the position.  I will make the case for hiring me as a contractor as this was how I have done this type of job for years--no employee taxes, no employee benefits, no employee hassle--just contract with me for services and when the grant money runs out or you decide you don't need my services any more I am gone with no hassle whatsoever.  We'll see how well this idea goes over here.


  1. That's an interesting approach to the job. I can see them lifting one eyebrow as they read your letter and think what a good idea that would be.
    Good luck!

  2. Had to laugh at #3! hahaha!! Welcome to my childhood.. *shudder* That's why i'm staying married.. doing right the first time or not at all! ;) lol!

  3. Aren't families complicated these days? Although in older eras, someone could be widowed 2 or 3 times...and children outside of marriage weren't recognized...I laughed when I found out that my two old great-aunts were actually mother and daughter and I had thought they were sisters :)