Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 Things: A Quick Update

It's going to be a busy day (I'm doing another 10k walk, hitting the buffet with hubby, then heading over to the genealogy library to do some research today) but here is a quick update:

  1. I'm feeling better.  The allergies remain but the infection part is gone.
  2. I'm a bit healthier (remember this post where my blood pressure was so high?  I went with the hubby to the doctor's yesterday and had them check my blood pressure and it was 117/74 which is a huge improvement.  I think it is from all of the walking and avoiding junk food).
  3. I need to make some sort of genealogy presentation for our family reunion next week.  There are a few skeletons in the closet that I have unearthed like an aunt who everyone though belonged to an uncle that wasn't really his--I have her real dad's info but it was a big family secret since he was a criminal--plus she is still alive so I don't want to broadcast this info to everyone at the reunion so I will just list her as his kid and leave it at that, at least for reunion purposes.  And then there are people who are long dead that I have no problem highlighting, like a distant ancestor who was a witch, another ancestor who was born to a great great great etc grandfather's paramore (but she went on to be rich and successful), etc.  So I've figured that anything that affects people who are alive today will be neatly brushed over so everyone saves face and gossip from centuries past will be highlighted to make the event entertaining.
  4. I plan to get in at least eight volksmarches before we leave next week--that's 80k of walking!--so that I don't get to the marathon and collapse from lack of preparation.
  5. I may apply for a real job.  Yesterday when I was perusing the city and county jobs website I saw a job that lines up exactly with what I do (injury prevention/disaster training, etc) and thought it would be perfect for me.  The pay is good ($7k a month) but I'm not sure if I can do a 40-hour a week office job (my work has always been really flexible and I haven't had to punch a time clock in years!).  So I may apply for it anyway and see what happens.


  1. good luck with the job application, as my mother always says,

    "you'll never know if you don't try."

    Gill in Canada

  2. That is the benefit to being financially independent - applying for jobs that you would like to do rather than have to do. Cheers