Monday, April 1, 2013

20 Goals for April and Some Bad News

First, the bad news.  We were supposed to go to the Ellen show tomorrow but I called and cancelled our reservations because my allergy problem has turned into a head and chest cold/infection and I can't go ten minutes without having a coughing fit.  Since I didn't want to be tossed out of the show for disturbing the filming because it sounds like I am hacking up a lung, I figured it was best to cancel (and I wish I could say "April Fools!" but it isn't, I feel like crap :I ).

And the goals:
It seems to work out really well when I write down my monthly goals (like last month) and even though I don't reach ALL of my goals, it seems like I accomplish many more things than when I don't write down my goals and try to keep them all in my head.  So here are my goals for April (barring something like bronchial pneumonia...):

  1. Buy and install a kitchen faucet. (done!)
  2. Buy and install a shower door. (done, both mine and hubby's)
  3. Go to a reddit meet up. (fail; no meet ups this month)
  4. Go to the family reunion. (done; and no major drama :)
  5. Walk a marathon.(done! yeah me)
  6. Walk 150k in volksmarches. (fail; only did about 60k)
  7. Go to the San Juan Islands. (skipped; fail)
  8. Continue filling the school supplies/books box for the Philippines. (fail; didn't add a single thing to the box)
  9. Complete the rough draft of my next book. (fail; not even close)
  10. Book a cruise for May. (fail; postponed til fall)
  11. Prep for the bike trip. (fail, postponed til August)
  12. Find the perfect walking bag/backpack. (done; a cute, lightweight, salmon-colored bag from Eddie Bauer)
  13. Be a size six. (fail; I think I will be a size 8 forever)
  14. Order two more death certificates. (fail; still waiting to be sent)
  15. Turn 46! ( if I had a choice...)
  16. Stay paleo with one treat each week. (fail, fail, fail)
  17. Make a genealogy presentation for the reunion. (done and the family loved it!)
  18. Go to four FillASeat shows. (done; two comedians, Recycled Percussion, and Pin Up)
  19. Write to my great uncle (grandmother's brother) for genealogy info. (done and waiting for a reply!)
  20. Buy two new shades of nail polish. (done; bought four in fact)


  1. Aww... :( Sorry to hear about the Ellen show! She's a riot.. bummer you had to cancel! Hope you're feeling better and able to accomplish your April goals!

  2. Very sorry to hear you had to miss the taping. I hope you feel better soon and get to accomplish lots of your list this month.