Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Goals for May and a Quick Update

Well, I only met 50% of my 20 goals for April (list here) so this month I decided to only have 10 goals to complete.  In no particular order, here's this month's goal list:

  1. Complete a rough, rough draft of my next book.
  2. Make it through the first few days of my new job. (done. survived!)
  3. Go to a reddit meet up.
  4. Meet a blogger (any of you coming to Las Vegas this month??)
  5. Get my concealed carry license.
  6. Do the genealogy conference (I will be volunteering for five days). (done. fun!)
  7. Work on filling up my box to send to a school in the Philippines.
  8. Give our guests (we will have a few this month) a wonderful Las Vegas experience. (done. also fun!)
  9. Do three volksmarches.
  10. Work on my RITA manuscript.

Wow it has been a super busy week.  Here's the highlights:

  • I wanted to get some new nail polish since I have had exactly one bottle/color for the past two years.  At Target, one bottle of my second favorite polish (Revlon; OPI is my favorite but it is expensive) cost $3.99 so I went next door to Ross and got four bottles for $6.99.  And with the white polish that came in the set, I used it to write the letters on my laptop keyboard that had been obliterated by my typing!
  • I met the nicest lady who came down from Seattle.  She emailed our volksmarch club to see if anyone wanted to walk with her so I volunteered and we went on one walk (with the second walk I had to have hubby drop her off and pick her up because I had to go to my job interview).  Anyway, she had lived in India and traveled all over the world and was just fascinating to talk to!
  • We will be having a lot of guests in the next couple of months so we repaired the leaky kitchen faucet (replaced it with a cheap faucet from Walmart instead of the $90 faucet I wanted because an expensive faucet just wasn't in the budget this month.  At least it doesn't leak!).  We also bought two shower doors and are installing them today and tomorrow.  What a pain--hubby and I should put all of this on YouTube because it never works out as simply and easily as it does on TV :I
  • We crammed in four FillASeat shows this past week because we hadn't went to any all month.  The first was a comedian who was OK (hubby was so tired after getting back from Seattle he was nodding off at the show!), the second was a comedian/impressionist.  I didn't think he was that great--he was OK and playing at a very small venue with a very small audience--but you have to admire anyone who has the courage to get up in front of an audience and try to be funny (a very subjective thing to do).  Next we went to see Recycled Percussion (taking a cue from Dar I brought along my earplugs and I was SO GLAD I DID!).  The show was creative and fun but about 200 decibels too loud for my taste.  Finally we went to see Pin Up which was really good--no one told us it was media night so we basically showed up at a red carpet event in jeans--but the show was wonderful, the band was excellent, the choreography was amazing, the dancers were really skillful, the crowd was cheering...overall a great show!
  • And other good things: I got two very cute outfits at the Goodwill for a total of $10 today, one of the cousins gave us a suite at the Rio for two nights and three days which we enjoyed last weekend, we met up with another friend who came down from Seattle for a few days, I'm excited to get to volunteer at the National Genealogical Society conference which will be here in Vegas next week, and I sent in my supplemental hiring questions for the very good job and (kind of) have my fingers crossed that I will move further along in the hiring process!   


  1. Hmm... i'm not going to Vegas, but feel free to come to Ontario! lol!! ;) Great goals for the month, good luck with them!!

    Great find on the outfits at Goodwill!! $10.00 is awesome!

  2. I would LOVE to go to Ontario (the pictures of the city look so beautiful!). I do have 'go to Prince Edward Island and go to St Pierre and Miquolin' on my goal list for this year though :)