Monday, May 20, 2013

The Things I Do In the Name of Frugality

So the bees are still there.  I called the county extension office, Googled, and posted on a local blog about the problem and got the same answer--either they will be gone in a few days or we will need to call a bee removal service.  I will give them until tomorrow to relocate (which would save me a ton of money) or I will call a service to get rid of them (definitely won't help our financial situation).  Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are any beekeepers who will come and get them like they do in other areas.  Fortunately they are over on the side of the house where they aren't bothering anyone.  Hubby wanted to blast them with the hose but I nixed that idea--he's 64 years old and not nearly as fast as he thinks he is (as in, there is no way he can outrun a swarm of angry bees).  So we wait and hope for a frugal outcome.

And then I needed a haircut.  Hubby likes my hair now that it is growing out but it is becoming a bit shaggy.  I really didn't want to go pay $15 for a trim of like 1/4 inch so I finally talked hubby into trying his hand at cutting my hair (he is all for frugality, not much for being a hair dresser).  My hair is hard to work with anyway since it is not straight--in fact it is really curly and most of the time I get a so-so haircut even at a salon.  So hubby went to work on my hair, I cringed a bit because it didn't "feel" like it does when a professional is cutting it, but overall I think it was kind of OK.  Of the past three haircuts, one was by hubby, the one previous to that ended up being a mullet, and for the one before that, the girl used a razor on the back which really made my hair unhappy.  Here's a picture which is kind of hard to see (note this was after the cut and after a wash and after I took a nap on it!) but with a bit of styling it may last for another month or so before I hit up a real salon.


  1. I do my spouse's hair with clippers but I wouldn't let him do mine :)

  2. I cut my own hair by washing it, then putting it into a pony tail as neatly as I can. I comb through it to make it straight, and trim the ends. I wear mine in a layered cut anyway, and this is an excellent way to maintain that. :)