Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things Are Looking Up!

It's been a good day!

  • The bees decided on their own accord to leave last night.  Thank goodness--I was calculating how much our emergency fund would take a hit and it turned out that nature moved them on and it didn't cost us a cent!
  • I realized that I may start working full time in a week or so which made me ultra psyched to get the rough draft of my next book finished so for the past two days I have been working 8+ hours a day on it!
  • I got yet another royalty payment from my last book.  They come in once or twice a month and it always surprises me when I get a notice that some money has been deposited into my account :)
  • We have an apricot tree!  By the time we moved in last summer, all we had was a tree in our back yard with some leaves on it.  Imagine our surprise when we look outside this week and have a bunch of blooming apricots hanging on the tree!  Note: the bird will probably get more them than we will but it is nice to see anyway.

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