Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Great Deal and More Stuff



  • I've created a monster.  Each Wednesday we hit up the Goodwill for half-off senior day and hubby WON'T QUIT SHOPPING!  I told him he is becoming a hoarder (not really but he is heading in that direction) and after doing so much to minimalize the things we need in our home and life, he is now bring stuff in every week.  He picked up a like-new rice cooker yesterday (it was only $4), a bunch of hats (he rarely wears them but can't pass up a newish Nike hat for 50 cents), and shirts shirts shirts (50 cents each but he has enough to wear a different one for the rest of his life!  Somehow I need to introduce him to flipping all of this stuff on Craigslist or eBay!

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  1. My grandmother and aunt developed serious hoarding problems that started with those Senior Goodwill discounts. I'm not kidding. My cousin has threatened to call in the health department when her parents say she can't come in and clean. They have a house that's approximately 7000 square feet (9 bedrooms total) and it's full with stuff from Goodwill. He's probably never going to be that bad, but he should chill on Goodwill.

  2. YEP! You should get the hubby on Ebay! I do it - just dabbling (whenever I feel like it!) and bring in about $1,200/month in "FUN MONEY!" I'm thinking if he likes to shop, might as well make it profitable!! ;-)