Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It's a long weekend so everyone seems to be in Vegas (actually tourists were estimated at 300,000+ for the weekend eekkk).  Hubby and I will be hitting up a comedy show today (we have about 30 days left on our FillASeat subscription so want to watch as many shows as possible before it expires), I am working away on my next book, and I got my first paycheck yesterday ($200 net for two days of work!) so I am feeling a bit flush with cash.  The WSOP starts next week so that means I start working next week--I hope everything goes well, it's just a bit intimidating going into it because there will be so many players and so much money and I need to be both fast and accurate (another eekkk).  We "rescued" a bunch of apricots from our tree (before the birds got to them) and they are really sweet and tasty, I am OD'ing on watermelon (as usual), and hubby just made a gallon of salsa from scratch (here's the recipe).
I hope you have a wonderful memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Paycheck! Yay! I can't wait to hear about the WSOP. And you're so lucky your hubby likes to cook. Just looking at that salsa recipe makes me exhausted.

  2. Yes, he cuts up a ton of stuff for the salsa. Think one of our next Goodwill purchases will be a food processor!

  3. Your fresh food sounds yummy. Hope you are enjoying work!