Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shopping Day, Goal Update, and More

Today was Wednesday (AKA senior shopping day).  We got to the Goodwill about ten minutes before it opened and there was a huge line of people waiting to get in (I think right now the ONLY company I would want to invest in--if it were possible--would be the Goodwill.  They are ALWAYS packed with shoppers).  Fortunately we didn't have much time for shopping so hubby ended up buying only one pair of jeans, a T shirt, and a sturdy wooden stool he will use for setting his computer on when he is downstairs watching TV.

Last night hubby said "I need a treadmill".  We had sold our old treadmill before we moved to Las Vegas and he is feeling out of shape but there is no way we wanted to pay retail for one so I hopped online and checked out Craigslist and found one for $50 which we picked up while doing our shopping rounds this morning.  Hubby is happy.

And here is my goal list for the month of May.  Completing only three of ten goals is pretty lousy.  Abject fail on the goal list for the month.  Since I will be working full time during the month of June I decided not to have any goals for the month.  I do, however, want to purge a bunch of stuff from our house so my only "goal" is to get rid of 20 things within the next couple of weeks (some stuff tossed, other things sold on Craigslist, etc).

Speaking of work, today is the first day of the WSOP.  My first day at work will be tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that it goes well!

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  1. Nice find! My hubby wanted me to sell my mini stepper, but I said no. I want to keep it because I know someday I'll be like your hubby and want to get back into an exercise routine.