Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today is kind of like my Friday because I have the next two days off (yippee!).  Here's a random assortment of things happening around here:

  • It's HOT here!  It was 117 degrees the day before yesterday and 120 degrees today.  I wouldn't even know it was that hot since I am always in an air conditioned place (home and work they keep it like 55 degrees so I have to wear two or three layers!) but the temp reading in the car on the way home gives me a heads up that it is broiling outside.
  • We stopped by to drop off some food to our homeless guy and he was gone (like packed up and moved).  I hope he is in a cooling shelter somewhere--it is way too hot for anyone to be outside for any length of time.
  • Sad news from the Cirque du Soleil last night--one of their performers died during the show.  I can't even imagine how horrible it was for the audience who saw it and especially the other performers :(
  • Also sad, one of my blogger friends Carla, had a death in her family this week.  He was a young guy with a wife and family and on the one hand, I know the grief will linger for his family for a long long time which is just sad.  On the other hand, I hope he was financially prepared for such an event (most young people DO NOT think about their own death and often put off things like writing a will or getting life insurance and for 95% of the population these things won't matter until they get old, old, but as this case shows, people do die young and those that are left behind often struggle both with the grief and financially.
  • Tonight I am watching the nieces while the hubby and his sister and the BIL go to a show.  These kids are oddly easy to babysit because the six year old will pick up her iPad and go to her room and say "I prefer to be alone."  If the SIL didn't make her come out of her room she would probably stay in there until she graduates from high school or something.  Isn't this weird for a six year old to do???  And the three year old stays glued to her iPad as well.  Don't kids play any  more??  It's been ages since I was a kid so things may have changed but when we were kids we were always told to "go outside and play" which we happily did.  Have kids changed so much since I was young?? (I mean is wasn't THAT long ago!).
  • I think I only have less than a week of work left.  The tournament is winding down (or winding up, depending on how you look at it--the last week is the main event which costs $10,000 to enter so crowds will be thinning out soon).  On a bright note, Wednesday is payday again.  On a not so bright note--depending on how you look at it--I am so busy working I don't have time to go out and spend the money I am earning!
  • I've been feeling totally out of it the past couple of days for no apparent reason.  I work in kind of a fog then come home and fall asleep at like 7pm.  Maybe I am tired (but truthfully my mind races and I consider things like a slow bleed in the brain--I whacked my head on our patio door a few days ago but I don't think it was hard enough to cause brain damage--, then I notice my fingernail beds are white white--I'm hypoxic? Carbon monoxide poisoning?  I think I watch too much House!  Maybe I am just overwhelmed with working and a house full of people).
  • And I just started using Swype on my cell phone and love love love it.  I can produce whole words with a swish of my finger and most of them come out correctly.  How cool!
That's all.  I'm going to go try to get the kids to do something that resembles play.


  1. The ipads are amazing, portable and so easy to use, I'm not surprised kids love them, but they need to go out in the world occasionally and interact with real people.

    I can't believe the tournament is almost over already. Time is flying by. OMG! It's July 1st!

    I too am feeling groggy. I think it's the heat and a/c combination. I almost feel drugged sometimes. Yesterday I took a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.

    1. Lorraine, You have been working like crazy on your new makes me tired just reading about it! Plus you are doing all of that in the heat and humidity--glad we just have heat here and no humidity!

  2. Hope you are feeling well and that you enjoy some R and R when your job ends. Happy 4th!

  3. I don't know how you handle the heat. I melt when it's 30C here.