Thursday, June 13, 2013

Working Working Working...And Some Links

I have been working 40 hours this week (and I'm scheduled for the same next week).  I seriously don't know how people who work 40 hours a week get anything done (like cooking meals, doing laundry, taking care of their kids, etc)...working this much is exhausting!  I was so spoiled with my old business because the hours were really flexible and I don't think I have worked a full 40 hour week in more than a decade!  But there are only a few more weeks of the tournament left so I will suck it up and keep working and have a renewed respect for not having to work full time after the job is done (yet another reason to live frugally and debt don't have to work as many hour to cover your basic bills and expenses!).

And here's some interesting links you might like:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget, Sunday is Father's Day!

p.s. I really need to use this symbol ! less...


  1. I like your !!!! symbols.
    They're a sign of your enthusiasm!
    (I use them a lot too)

  2. I just started working part-time and it's a challenge physically, but much needed at this time. I know I couldn't handle full time employment and I certainly couldn't keep up with the housework!! My goal is to get us out of this financial bind and then start knocking out the debt (if I can keep the hubby from putting us further into it....sigh!).