Friday, July 19, 2013

A Quick Update (Before I Get Back to Work)

It's been a busy week around here...

  • The sister-in-law dropped her grandkids off back in Florida and she returned here a couple of days ago.  Today is the last day of the BIL's job in Las Vegas so they are going to do a two week tour around California (their hotel in Yosemite will cost $200 a night!  Yikes...but it is the height of tourist season...).  They will also hit the Napa Valley and the Redwoods then drive back along the coast.  Sounds like a wonderful vacation!
  • Jury duty on Tuesday lasted a grand total of two hours and they they said were were done and wouldn't be called again for another two years (cases often settle or the defendant takes a plea right before going to trial).
  • I've done two volksmarches in the past week, one this morning with the SIL who had never heard of such a thing.  Now I think she is a convert!
  • Work is rolling in.  I made $250 yesterday just for doing a simple salary survey for a client.  I emailed out the website proposal which will net me $2400 if it is accepted.  And today I will be hard at work on the "big job" which is writing a policy book which could take up to a year but should be pretty lucrative.  All of these jobs came from word of mouth from previous clients that I haven't see for more than two years!
  • I'm liking my new camera and think it was a good by for $89 (see another photo, above).  Like I said, I am no photographer but at least it will give me some pretty clear photos which I can add to my blogs!.
  • I sent for my great grandmother's birth certificate but it wasn't in the county she was supposed to have been born in.  I'll need to do more research on that.  Also, I didn't know where my parents got married (most everyone who would know are now dead) so I emailed a distant aunt and she gave me a lead (apparently they may have eloped to Idaho.  The aunt mentioned she and her husband eloped in Idaho too.  Why do people elope to Idaho?  I have no idea.  Vegas, yes.  Idaho, no.).
  • Three trips have presented themselves to us but as always, money is a big part of all of them.  Some of hubby's sisters want me to plan a cruise for the fall, the SIL that is here wants to go to the Philippines in December, and there is a volksmarch festival in Washington DC in October that looks really fun.  As odd as it sounds (and even though we have no money for these things) it really feels like we will accomplish all of these things this year (plus they are on my goal list!).  We'll see what happens.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend (and for those of you in the Northeast, I hope you get some relief from the heat!)!

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