Sunday, July 21, 2013

When What You Have is All You Need

Today I was looking for a new pair of walking shoes.  I didn't find any, but at the time I was looking, I was really planning on spending up to $100 for them because I know how much of a difference shoes made specifically for walking make when I am putting on the miles.
Fortunately there weren't any shoes I liked at the store we went to and, after leaving the store, it hit me that the walking shoes I have are perfectly fine.  They aren't the height of fashion but they are still in great condition.  I think that at the time I fell prey to the "you need better and you have the money to buy better so go get better" kind of thinking.  Needless to say, that kind of thinking got me into A LOT of trouble years ago (mostly because I both didn't NEED better and the only "money" I had to buy better was with a credit card.  That didn't stop me from running out and buying every single thing I wanted, however).
I just need to keep me out of the stores and keep me from obsessing about every new things I want (I think one of the catalysts this morning was watching the BIL and SIL head out for their trip with $2500+ worth of gear they just picked up at REI...lots of cool stuff BUT 99% of it was totally unnecessary and the same trip could have been done with a few things from Walmart and the Goodwill and that wouldn't diminish the trip WHATSOEVER).
So now I am back home with my money still in my pocket and I am counting the blessings that I have (namely, time to do so many things I want to do, a great pair of walking shoes that took me through a 26 mile marathon with ease, a $7.95 daypack that is perfect for any of my walking purposes, a supportive hubby, a bunch of fantastic places to hike and walk nearby where I live--once the roasting hot summer is get the idea...).
And then, the cherry on the top of the cake, so to speak, I found this article when I got home and was cruising the net.  As Emeril would say, BAM!


  1. Thanks, Ill definitely steal that guys article for a travel article soon. That said, I do need a pair of walking shoes for sometime this fall, sigh.