Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We Saved $126 Today

When we first moved to Las Vegas, I decided to Google around and see if there were any discounts to be had.  I looked for locals discounts (many spas, restaurants, shows, etc offer discounts for locals), discounts for seniors since hubby is a senior (we found that the Goodwill has 50% off Wednesdays for senior which we take advantage of nearly every week and there are tons of other senior-only discounts around the city), then I looked for anywhere that offered discounts for veterans and hit on the county assessor's website where I found a great deal for veterans--either a small discount on property tax or a pretty big discount on car registration.
We chose the car registration discount and used it last year when we registered our car in the state for the first time.  Today after dropping off the SIL and her grandkids at the airport, we headed over to the assessor's office to get our voucher for our annual car registration and found that it had went up to $126 which should more than take car of the fees for registering the car next month since it is old and pretty cheap to register anyway.  Score!


  1. One thing that shocked us here in AL is how expensive it is to register your car. It varies depending on your model, it's age. My vehicle is over $150 a year and hubby's is even more! In PA registrations were all just $36, but you had to also get your car inspected with an emissions test. Here no inspections or tests are required. Still, we were very surprised at the reg fee.

    1. I know what you mean. In Washington we were able to register our cars for a flat $40 no matter how new or old. In Las Vegas a new luxury car can cost up to $1000 to register!