Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Loving the Whole 30

This is day three of my Whole 30 eating plan and I am loving it.  I did delete the blog I was doing about it because I realized I hardly have time to keep up with this blog so, sorry, I will occasionally bore you with the details here.

For three days I have been following the Whole 30 plan religiously--no slip ups at all!  Besides being exhausted tired (common during the first week or two) I feel pretty good.  Hubby and the BIL have also (kind of) gotten with the plan as well.  The photo above is of our dinner tonight: a hamburger covered with guacamole (I added fresh salsa after I took the photo), asparagus, and a huge salad.

Not much else is happening around here besides daily trips to the grocery store to buy lots of vegies and playing free bingo each morning.  Hubby even won $25 yesterday and we are getting to know the "regulars" there.  It's pretty fun.  I feel like a retiree!

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  1. I've never heard of the Whole 30. Guess I'll go look it up. I sense it has a lot of green food. lol.