Thursday, August 29, 2013

Odds and Ends

This week has been pretty unproductive.  The BIL has been sick (to the point that we don't see him for a couple of days because he is holed up in his room) and just yesterday the hubby came down with a sore throat.  I've just been plain lazy.  Among the things I have done this week:

  • I culled my Facebook friends from 220+ to around 80.  I realized (later rather than sooner) that I was getting updates from everyone I didn't know yet hardly anything from people I did know.  I know I could set up the notifications differently but it didn't make sense to have all of these strangers on my Facebook feed.  Some years back, it was "the thing" to have lots of FB friends as it made you look popular.  So I ruthlessly unfriended everyone on my friends list that I wasn't currently friends with in order to make my FB experience better.
  • I need to get busy writing!  But I went to the library a few days ago and found a half dozen new books from my favorite romance writers and I was sooo giddy.  This means I have been reading A LOT and writing NOT AT ALL.
  • I got rid of my annual goal list.  I was about 40% of the way through it and I was disappointed that everything else on the list was going to cost a lot of money to accomplish so I simply deleted it.  For the rest of the year I am not going to worry about chasing goals but rather enjoy everything that comes my way.
  • The weather in Las Vegas is slowly starting to cool off.  I can't wait to start hiking again!

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