Friday, September 6, 2013

A Short Update

Not much to tell lately...

  • I caught the bug that the hubby and the BIL had but thankfully it wasn't that bad (the BIL has been sick for 10 days, the hubby 7, and for me it seemed like a 24-hour thing although my voice is still a bit hoarse).
  • For some reason I am thoroughly fascinated with hiking the Appalachian Trail (maybe because the BIL is planning all of these great backpacking trips--to the Grand Canyon, to Bryce Canyon, to Zion) so I have been reading trail journals for hours on end.
  • Tomorrow is our first volksmarch of the season and I won't miss it even if I am still recuperating.  We take the summers off from walking because it is so hot outside but now that it is only 100 degrees during the day we can resume our walking!
  • I am so frustrated on my friend's behalf.  For 14 long years the prosecutor in his county has been after him (and my friend who is not a lawyer keeps beating the prosecutor in court which only makes the guy more adamant to spend more taxpayer money to bring more lawsuits against him).  Here's the most recent article about the case.

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