Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yet Another Frugal Hubby Trick

A while back we replaced our little counter top oven because the broiler part broke (probably from overuse as we use this small over much more often than our big oven).  So hubby put the old counter top oven outside to use when he bakes things (like a pork roast which gets pretty smoky in the house) but he didn't have anything to set it on except for some concrete blocks which made the oven sit only about five inches off the ground.
So we headed out to the Goodwill on our weekly shopping trip yesterday and he came up with the perfect (cheap) solution.

We got this old metal file cabinet for $4 and it works perfectly!  It puts the oven at the right height to easily use, plus the cabinet is metal so even if it gets hot from the oven it won't catch on fire, plus it has two drawers which hubby can use for storage for his grilling utensils!

To top it off, hubby went to the $1 store and bought a plastic shower curtain, wrapped it around a box with a bit of duct tape, and made a simple slip on-slip off cover for the oven which will keep it dry during infrequent rain storms.  Clever huh?

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