Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Goals

Not three days after I lop off my 2013 annual goal list (out of frustration and financial dread mostly since everything left on the list was going to be super expensive), I'm writing out another goal list... Go figure.

Here's the things I want to accomplish in September:

  • Put $50 in savings
  • Pay my annual webhost fees $162
  • Help hubby with the monthly bills $400
  • Get a tablet $400
  • Do four volksmarches and four hikes in our local mountains
  • Gather up some money to put towards out fall vacation $1000
  • Finish writing my next book and GET IT PUBLISHED
Now the savings goal will be easy as I already have a client sending me that exact amount which should be here any day.  I have no idea where the webhost fees will come from but it is a priority because it is due by the end of the month.  Hubby has been paying nearly all of our monthly bills (I only pay the cell phones and for the grandson's school) but I really want to start contributing more (again, no idea where that money will come from).  I really really want a tablet and, of course, if I want it I will need to come up with the cash to buy it...somehow.  Now that the weather is cooling off, I want to get out and do more walking so I've set a kind of lofty goal to walk about 60 miles give or take this month.  We haven't been on a vacation since spring and I WANT TO GO ON A VACATION!  And of course, the only way we can go on a vacation is with cash in hand.  I need to earn this cash...somehow.  And finally, I NEED to get my next book edited and published ASAP.  My first book makes me between $60 and $100 each month so I figure with two books in print, that would help to up my monthly income, paltry as it is now.


  1. Haha!! Yup.. sounds about right, say "no goals" and write up a brand spanking new list! ;) Your goals are great t hough... good luck with them!!

    1. LOL yes that's me. I cant function with goals, I cant function without them!

  2. Help, I'm so confused! Wasn't the poker tournament money supposed to go toward a cruise? Is that a different vacation than the one you're talking about now?

    1. At first I posted that I wanted to use the money from the poker job for a cruise but I decided to put it in our emergency fund instead. We had used so much of our savings when we moved into the house and didn't get it replaced that I thought that would be a better (more responsible) use of the money...also a more boring use of the money :)

  3. Good luck with your book, especially - I like that goal!