Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yeah It's Fall!

Fall is finally here in Las Vegas which probably doesn't mean much to most people (the temps here are in the mid 90s compared to the really does make a difference though!).  This means that we no longer need to hibernate inside the air conditioned house all day and our activities tend to really pick up.  Here's what we are doing:

  • Hubby has joined not one but three bowling leagues.  This is convenient because it is right after bingo and right next door to the bingo hall.  Fortunately the fees are pretty cheap ($7 to $10 for each league which is super cheap compared to what he used to pay in Seattle).
  • Hiking is starting.  We will do our first group hike of the season tomorrow.  These are free and we only need to drive to the trail head to meet the group and the guide.
  • I want to roller skate at least once a week with the seniors (I'd like to do this twice a week but it is so far away).
  • I also want to do more technical hiking with another group (which means hubby won't go because he only walks a few miles at a time; we will have to figure out how to do this with only one car).
  • Every other Saturday I will walk with the volksmarchers which is fun and cheap ($3 for each walk so I can get credit towards the mileage I do).
Other than that, I really miss the Pacific Northwest in the fall (and even New England for that matter).  Fall is my favorite season because the air gets a little chilly and because the trees are all changing colors and the harvest is wrapping up--none of which happens in Las Vegas.  But I will enjoy getting out in nature more even if nature consists of rocks and sand and more rocks :)


  1. It's starting to cool off here in the south too by a few degrees. They tell me the trees don't change color here, but the fall decorations are starting to appear everywhere just like up north.

  2. I still cant get over Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations when it is sunny and 75 degrees outside though...

  3. I like Fall best too. It's great you can get out more.