Monday, September 16, 2013

An Update and Another Clever Hubby Trick

I have to start labeling all of hubby's clever, money saving tricks!  Anyway, hubby has to have coffee every morning.  Even though I can easily make him a pot of coffee (the cheapest option), he likes the flavored coffees like those expensive little square tins of instant coffee (with a main ingredient of SUGAR).  We've tried just making coffee and adding the flavoring stuff but the flavored creamers are expensive so he keeps going back to the instant stuff.

Now I think we have pretty much got the coffee situation figured out.  He starts with a Walmart brand flavored instant coffee (cheaper than the little square cans of name brand stuff) then he mixes it with a jar of instant coffee from the $1 store.  For a total of $4 he ends up with enough flavored instant coffee to last nearly a month.

And an update:

  • Yeah for the new Miss America!  We haven't watched a pageant in years but it was on last night and we got engrossed in it and it was fun to watch.  We were cheering for the Army girl but Miss New York was also great (her talent was awesome).  I have no idea why it is a big deal that she is of Indian descent since nearly everyone in the US is descended from somewhere else.
  • We went on our first hike of the season yesterday.  It was short and interesting and to a place we haven't been before...overall fun.  Also, it is amusing as we go with professors from UNLV and one plant or bird sighting can bring everyone scurrying over at a run to see it (I had to laugh when we were driving in a caravan to the start; someone in the lead car saw a plant on the side of the road, and people from no less than six cars quickly parked, got out of their cars, and ran across the road to see it).
  • I'm working (kind of).  One of the smaller projects my friend is contracting with me to do is getting off the ground so it looks like I will actually be earning money this month.  I need to save money for Christmas!
  • I'm a bit worried about the BIL.  He headed off to hike the Grand Canyon, by himself, with a 60 pound pack, without having worked out for months, and with a permit good for only two days (which means he will have to hike fast and the last six+ miles will be straight up the side of the canyon!).  Eeekkk
  • People in Colorado are getting hammered by flooding and some psycho decides to shoot up a military base today...there never seems to be a shortage of bad news :(


  1. Great idea for the coffee! I'm trying that!
    We rarely watch the news anymore. I found out about the DC shooting via Twitter, otherwise I'd be clueless.

  2. Me too. I used to be a news-a-holic but it was so depressing that I mainly watch PBS and other happy shows!