Friday, September 20, 2013

Shoooooes...And Shopping

First, the shopping...

We made our usual Wednesday shopping rounds ($1 store, grocery store, Walmart, Goodwill, etc) and I realized that I am a cross dresser (in the best sense of the word....this was going to be the headline for this post--"Cross dressing!--but I thought it was a bit racy, anyway...).  I realized that when I shop, I hit not only the women's section (medium, small sizes) but also the boys section (extra large) and the men's section (small) too.  I am more than happy to wear boy's and men's clothes if they are priced right, look good, and fit right.  For boy's and men's clothes I usually look for interesting t shirts, hoodies, and jackets (cool, name brand ones).  I would probably wear their pants as well but I can't fit my large butt into them.  Oh well.  And this isn't just something I do.  Recently the hubby was looking for a pair of shoes and while the store didn't have the ones he liked in his size (size 8.5), the women's section featured the exact same shoe he was looking for (size 10) which fit him just fine.  Also, when I buy other items (wallets, backpacks, travel gear) I try to refrain from getting said item in hot pink and instead pick a neutral color because more often than not hubby will end up with my hand-me-downs and vice versa.  We seem to have the same taste and this makes our money stretch further.

So the moral of this shopping story is to expand the boundaries of what is "normal" to wear.  If you are small enough, cheap kids clothes on the clearance rack may be just perfect for you.  Ditto checking out the men's section for well-made, often lower priced clothing that meets your needs.

And the shoe story...

As we were making our rounds we stopped by TJ Maxx.  While I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I always check out their shoes and handbags sections because they always have great deals on these items and they are almost always good quality, name brand stuff.  Well, I found an excellent deal on these Keen shoes (in the photo above), and while I am NOT one to buy multiples of a single item, the fact that I love these kinds of shoes, plus the fact that I was looking for some sort of sandals because my old ones have been worn to death over the past three years, AND the fact that they were $19.95 a pair made me buy both of them.

The moral of this shopping story is that when presented with a really, really good deal on an item that you know for sure you will use, stock up!


  1. I like the shoes! I don't hesitate to shop in the men's or boys' sections either.

  2. I have the same shoes, I use them for outdoor biking and water fun, we can be twins!