Monday, October 14, 2013

A Quick Update

Here's what's been happening lately...

  • Still working like crazy (which is why I haven't posted much lately).  I hope this work holds out at least through the beginning of next year.
  • Our government is still crazy (aka the shutdown showdown and looming default and partisan bickering...makes me not even want to watch the news for the sake of blood pressure and stress level).
  • The most recent box of school supplies we sent to the Philippines arrived yesterday and the kids loved the candy--they even made a video of five hundred+ kids eating the candy and checking out the new books which was awesome to wake up to this morning on my FB feed (if you remember, we bought 550 candy canes right after Christmas last year for five cents for a box of 12 which went a long way towards making the kids happy for very little money).
  • And then I got a FB message from my niece who let me know she teaches at an even poorer school in the Philippines and can we send her a box like what she saw on my FB feed.  Looks like we will be putting together two school boxes in the near future.
  • I'm still trying to set up a time to meet up with this guy who just made it into Vegas last night.  I think it would be very cool to take him to lunch but he has a very busy schedule while he is here so we may wait until he walks out of town and drive out to meet him with a meal.
  • We made a big pot of chili five days ago, a big pot of curried vegetables four days ago and I have been eating chili for lunch and curry for dinner ever since (which is perfectly fine with me; hubby needs new food every couple of days).
  • I'm not sure where the sudden burst of energy came from but I cleaned for five hours straight today--did laundry, vacuumed and mopped, washed all the bedding, washed all the rugs, cleaned out my closet, cleaned out the refrigerator...hubby came home to a very clean house today.
  • Finally, I am tracking my daily walking mileage and last week (seven day period) I walked 20 miles!
And finally...Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!!!!  It's odd for us Americans to think of Thanksgiving before Halloween but I just realized that today is indeed Thanksgiving in Canada  :)

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  1. Maybe it's the cooler temps that got you in a cleaning mood? The weather here in the south has improved greatly. It's quite pleasant now with very little rain.
    I was so delighted to read about the kids getting those candy canes. I remember when you bought them. That was an awesome idea. What a sight that must have been seeing them all enjoying a sweet treat.