Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shoes, Walking, and an Update

First the update:
The tablet went back to the store.  It didn't do anything more than my cell phone does and I couldn't work on it so I am back to schlepping my laptop around so I can work where ever we happen to be (generally at casinos; fortunately there is usually free wi fi).  A tablet would be nice to have, but to me, it isn't worth paying so much money for something that just gives me a bit more screen real estate than my cell phone.

Then the shoe story:
Right after I returned the tablet, I went down the street and stopped in at Ross.  I have been wanting to get some new walking shoes since my current shoes have hundreds of miles on them already.  The women's department didn't have any shoes I like (never do actually which is why I usually buy shoes at TJ Maxx) so I went to find hubby in the men's department and spied some Brooks Dyad shoes in size 7 mens for $30 (!!!).  I have been wanting Brooks shoes for ages because serious walkers rave about them but I couldn't bring myself to pay $120 for a pair of shoes.  These shoes fit perfectly!  I usually wear an 8 in women's shoes and these were supposed to run small anyway so I snagged them!  After wearing them for a few miles I was in love with them.  So comfy right out of the box and no problems with my feet (in shoes not made for walking, my feet are usually in pain within a mile or so).  I raved about them so much we went back the next day to another Ross and hubby got a pair which he continues to rave about today (he even got up early and walked with me this morning--I think it was because of the shoes!).  When we were getting hubby's shoes, I found another pair of size 7 men's Brooks Adrenaline shoes for $30 (different model, different color) so hubby said I should go ahead and get them since I will for sure use them.  Now I am the happy owner of two pair of fancy Brooks shoes.  Hubby also said that with two new pair of tennis shoes and two new pair of Keen sandals I probably won't need shoes for a couple of years...he is probably right.

And the walking story:
I have been making an effort to walk every day for the past week.  I am even keeping my mileage in a spreadsheet to keep me motivated which seems to be working!  A couple of days ago hubby was playing at the casino and I decided to walk home (about five miles).  After a mile or so, I found a set of 15 pound dumb bells sitting along the side of the road.  There was no way I would be able to carry 30 extra pounds home so I set them at the base of a sign, came back two days later in the car, and they were still there!  We now have a new set of dumb bells (which will probably get sold on Craigslist or at a garage sale).

In other walking news, I saw that there is a guy who has been walking around the world since 1998 (!!!) heading to Las Vegas so I tweeted him and asked him out to lunch.  I think what he is doing is really cool and would love to treat him to a meal and learn more about his adventures.  Since people who walk like that can burn over 10,000 calories a day, I figured a buffet would be good :)  (paid for with hubby's comps of course).

Finally a walking thing and an update:  Since the weather has calmed down from inferno hot to warm high 70s we have been walking to do our grocery shopping.  According to hubby who keeps track of these things, in previous months we have always spent $150 a month in gas for the car (about $50 every week and a half or so) but in September we only spent $100 (which is a 30% reduction!).

And a totally unrelated thing: hubby plays online poker each evening while he is watching movies (how he does both on one computer is beyond me!).  It is free to play and the winners can get some cool prizes.  He won once before over a year ago and just last week he won again.  This time he won two nights at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, $100 in food comps for the Golden Nugget, a free show for two, and $50 in gambling coupons.  Yeah!  This will be our free vacation for the fall (even though it is only a few miles away...but it is free!).  Yeah hubby!


  1. I don't blame you on the tablet, if you're not using it, not really a point in having one! Great score on the shoes!! Yay! And what a nice little "free vacation" hubby won for you guys! Sounds fun to me!! :)

  2. Great find on the weights! New, they usually sell for a dollar pound. I've never heard of that brand of shoes before. What makes them so special?

  3. A dollar a pound for weights? Wow I will definitely list then on Craigslist. Also, the Brooks shoes are apparently very popular among podiatrists and are often recommended for people with feet problems.