Thursday, October 24, 2013

No-Spend No-vember and Other Things

I announced to hubby that November will be a no spend month (or as close to no spending as possible).  We've been doing really well walking to do our grocery shopping but any trips across town really drains the gas which, fortunately, is at an all time low right now at $3.19 a gallon.  He seems game to try it so for the month of November we will only buy true necessities and try to cut down our other bills as much as possible.  We won't have any guests coming to visit (that we know of) and have no plans for Thanksgiving (that we know of) so that should help.

And a few more things:

  • I've been doing a lot of freelance work lately and I'm up to 60+ hours this month.  I need to be more careful with my money because with more money coming in, I tend to spend more on little things--no big purchases--but still stuff that I don't really need.
  • I'm debating about whether to work over the holiday season.  On one hand, I have my freelance income coming in which is way more than I would make at a minimum wage job but on the other hand, the freelance work I am doing is flexible and can be done at any time so technically I could still work and still bring in even more money.  On the other other hand, the store I worked at last Christmas was recently robbed at gunpoint which is just a terrifying thought!
  • I've been doing so much writing with my freelance work lately that I haven't been blogging much (after hours on the computer the last thing I want to do is more stuff on the computer!).  I did, however, revamp my website (here) and tried to restyle this blog but I have absolutely NO artistic abilities whatsoever which is unfortunate (and obvious when you look at this blog!).


  1. I find myself running out so many times to buy things because I don't have the money or storage space to really stock up on things like pet food, cat litter, laundry detergent, etc. There's not much disposable income to spend on non-food items. I didn't even buy a pumpkin this year.
    I worry about being held up at gunpoint also. I'm going to be on the opening shift at the donut store and although this is a relatively low crime area, you never know.

  2. We were where you are about a year and a half ago--money was tight so we were literally buying groceries as we could afford them. Now that we have got more settled (and have more income coming in) it is easier. Plus when we were living in a rental the thought of having to move out with so much stuff really kept us from buying more things than we could use within a week or so.