Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 14 No Spend November

Yesterday was definitely a spend day.  It started out with us heading to the military base to get hubby's Medicare/military health insurance stuff straightened out.  He will be 65 in a couple of months so he will soon be on Medicare (and a whopping $104 will be taken out of his Social Security check each month to pay for it!).  We did eat lunch before we left so that was a good thing.  Then we spent:

  • $3.56 to mail a certified letter (I am giving a friend of mine a domain name so needed to send a certified letter to change the owner of the domain.  On the up side I won't have to pay $11.95 per year to keep ownership of the name so this is actually a way to save money).
  • Then we went to the base exchange (department store) and there was a really good sale on cologne.  Since hubby is nearly out of cologne he would need to be getting more sooner or later so we decided that getting it now would save us gas coming all the way back to the base after No Spend November to get it.  Since it was a gift set, the cologne was on sale for $69 (the regular price for just the bottle of cologne is around $50 at Macys) and since it was on the base it was discounted further to $55.20.  There is no tax on the base so that saves a bit more money.  Hubby used to go through a bottle of cologne in six month but with the last bottle he made it stretch for more than a year.
  • We also went to the commissary (grocery store) on the base and spent $10.15 (with super low prices for groceries on base I usually never get out of this store for under $100 so this was truly an exercise in self-restraint).  We bought: 1/3 lb salami, 1 lb cheese, 2 bananas, a head of cabbage, a can of baked beans, and a jar of ground ginger.
  • Finally we went by the Asian grocery store on our way home and spent $10.30.  We bought: 1 whole tilapia fish (they fry it there for us), a bundle of spinach, 1.5 lb bok choy, a sesame candy "pancake", a bag of rice noodles, and four packages of palabok mix (that's a Filipino sauce mix for noodles).
Total spent for today: $79.21...ouch!

We also stopped by the bank and picked up some coin rollers since we had a jar of change we didn't know what to do with and ended up with $9.00 in rolled coins that we will deposit into the bank.

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