Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 16 No Spend November

Yesterday wasn't a no spend day but I can justify!  Justify, justify, justify!

  • I did a volksmarch which was $3.  I skipped the last one a couple of weeks ago thinking it would be a good way to save money but this weekend I felt like I really needed the exercise and since one of my major goals is to do lots and lots of volksmarches, I felt this was money well spent (the six mile walk was awesome too).
  • While we ate breakfast at home in the morning, we ended up being out all day and without bringing a lunch we were starving so we went to a buffet which cost a total of $2 for the tip (hubby's comps paid for the actual meals).
  • Then we stopped by the store on the way home and spent $7.23 for: 3 bolilo rolls, a bundle of chard, a case of water, and 4.5 lbs pork trimmings (hubby makes Filipino food with these).
Total spent yesterday: $12.23.  Obviously a fail when it comes to no spend days but this process of spending as little as possible has both saved us a lot of money and made us look really hard at each item we purchase.

Plus, REI had a BIG SALE today and while I looked and tried on and dreamed and tried to justify, I ended up buying nothing.  Yeah me.

Plus plus, after lunch at the casino hubby played poker for an hour (still using his play money from last month) and won $100.  Yeah hubby.

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