Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 17 No Spend November

We stayed home yesterday which means we spent $0!  I guess being a hermit is a cheap way to live.

We started our first free month of Netflix yesterday.  Before, hubby would get an arm load of movies each week at the library but that meant we had to make a trip to the library each week so the movies wouldn't end up overdue even if we had nothing else to do in the area (a waste of gas, kind of).  Then he found some Filipino movie and TV stations online that he could watch but these were kind of (mostly) hit or miss as to quality and quantity.  Finally yesterday I broke down and insisted he try Netflix.  It will be a monthly expense of $7.99 if he decides to stick with it after the first free month but so far he has watched about four movies and appears to like the quality, quantity, and easy availability of this online movie system that nearly everyone else seems to have.

And five upcoming things (all requiring money):

  1. Thanksgiving.  Our cousins will be in town so we will cook Thanksgiving dinner.  We have a turkey from last year in the freezer but will need to buy all of the trimmings (Dollar Store here I come!).
  2. A need for presents.  Three friends have birthdays coming up within the next month, hubby's birthday is in two months, our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and don't even get me started on Christmas...ayayay.
  3. My teeth don't feel happy.  I should get to the dentist but the local dentist I went to before was OK but not great and I feel like I need a great dentist which means I will need to haul myself to Connecticut so my sister-in-law who is an awesome dentist can fix up my teeth.
  4. Hubby will start Medicare on his upcoming birthday which means an extra $104 will be taken out of his Social Security check each month.  While we can afford it--even though we live on a mostly fixed income--that is a lot of money to suddenly be losing :(
  5. I have a lot of walking trips I want to take in 2014, some of which require deposits, all of which require airfare to get to the locations of the walks.  This will require A LOT of money.  Again, ayayay.

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