Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 19 No Spend November

Yesterday we left the house which means we spent money:

  • I did another volksmarch (part of my walking goal) which cost $3 but was well worth it.  The exercise was wonderful and the locations (through the university and a business park, all with lots of grass and trees) were wonderful as well.
  • Hubby played poker, this time at a casino that doesn't have free coffee so he spent $1.08 for coffee which had unlimited refills.
  • Then we hit the 99 cent store on our way home and spent $6.60 on a loaf of bread, a bag of frozen strawberries, 2 lbs of key limes, a container of wafer cookies, thin mints, a Hershey's candy bar, and six mini candy bars (apparently I was having a snack attack).
Total spent: $10.68

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