Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 20 No Spend November

Yesterday was a busy day and since we left the house, we spent money :I

  • First stop, bowling.  Hubby has one of his regular bowling leagues on Wednesday (which he pays for once a month) but this Wednesday was a special fundraiser for the typhoon that hit the Philippines so he put in $20 for the fundraiser and $10 for a high game pot (whoever gets the highest game wins the money).  He won $25 for one of the high game pots so his actual expenditure for this was $5.
  • Then, since we were out all day, we ate at the casino (again! ayayay).  The dinner was free with hubby's comps but we left a $4 tip.
  • Next I dropped hubby off to play poker on the way to one of my club meetings and he spent $1.08 on coffee.
  • And since tonight was my volksmarch club meeting and we meet at Starbucks and I can't pass up Starbucks, I spent $4 on a hot cocoa there.
Total spent: $14.08 eekkk 

1 comment:

  1. Its important that you guys are having fun. Sometime (most of the time!) fun cost. Have fun and enjoy.