Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 21 No Spend November

Yesterday I stayed home and did some work while hubby went and played poker.  He really can't be trusted to go to the store by himself!  Hubby had coffee while he played poker at a cost of $1.08 then he said he was going to run by the store to get some hot french bread and ended up spending $11.62!  He bought: sesame candy for me (at least he is thinking of me?), a box of crystallized ginger (he is diabetic and when his blood sugar tanks this candy yanks it back up to normal range), a bundle of spinach (for a soup he wanted to make), two bags of potato chips (because they were on sale and "right in front of him"), and the loaf of french bread (which was the only item he went to the store to get).  Total spent today: $12.70.

And five more things:

  1. It has been raining here for more than 24 hours.  This is the most rain I've ever seen in Vegas!
  2. I told the hubby I am doing this endurance walk in May.  He looked at me like O-O
  3. I was missing the Pacific Northwest but now that is is so overcast and rainy I think I will only miss the Pacific Northwest in the summer and be thankful I am not there in the winter.
  4. We finally had to turn the heat on (again).  We had the heat on for a couple of days at the beginning of the month but it warmed up so we turned it off.  It is cold now so on goes the heat, probably until late February.
  5. Hubby just took the turkey out of the freezer and put in the fridge so it could start defrosting.  We bought it after the holidays last year and saw on the still-attached price tag that we paid $5 for it.  Wow.


  1. Hi April, I just caught up on your series and you're doing great! In fact, if you had budgeted for a weekly Baskin Robbins and a weekly Volksmarch for yourself, and a weekly hot dog and coffee for your spouse, you would be right on target! Isn't it funny how our other halves cannot always be trusted to do food shopping on their own? I do a No Spend for January and February each year, with the exception of 2 movies or concerts each month, and a restaurant meal or two. I don't buy any "stuff" those months except groceries.

  2. That's a great idea! I was thinking NO spending on anything but that gets old if you cant do anything at all for a whole month.