Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 25 No Spend November

AKA the day from Hell.  We spent a total of $6.08 yesterday for two breakfast sandwiches from Jack in the Box ($2.59) and $3.49 for a Blast at Baskin Robbins.  And then:

  • Our internet went out the evening before and after much calling and arguing with the tech who insisted our modem was broken this morning we took the modem to the office, got a new modem, took it home, plugged it in, and found that it wasn't the modem (there was a repair guy outside our house who said it was an issue with the line for the whole neighborhood which apparently none of the tech people I talked to knew about).  Took the new modem back to the store. Still no internet.
  • So I grabbed by cell phone and computer and raced to the casino so hubby could bowl and I could use the casino's free internet to do a call in meeting with a client and get some work done which required internet access to do (plus I had to stand outside for the entire hour and a half of the meeting call in because it was so loud in the casino).  Not happy.
  • Went home and waited for another tech to come out to the house to fix the internet.  He got there, said "the line in your street is broken", (duh), he did a bunch of useless stuff (like replacing a perfectly good co ax cable which didn't need replacing and had absolutely no impact on the dead line outside) and left.  Still no internet.
  • Made an appointment for the dentist because my teeth were bothering me.  I couldn't print off the coupon from his website because my printer needed a new driver (which requires the internet to load).
  • Called a church I tithe to monthly because the payment I made on their website hadn't cleared for over a month; after much research they said their system had a glitch and my debit card wouldn't be charged.  So I need to redo the transaction (which requires internet).
  • Went to Baskin Robbins and got a blast but forgot to get my receipt which has a $1 off coupon on it.
  • Called a supervisor at the cable company to see when the line in the street would be fixed and he said the dispatcher would call me back.  No one called me back.
  • Hubby had to scrounge up some old movies to watch since he watches all of his movies online and we didn't have internet.  He found the Godfather series which is nine hours of movies. Yippee.
  • Needed to get a document out ASAP for a client.  Had to do the research for in ON MY CELL PHONE which was the only internet access I had then transferred the document to my cell phone so I could email it to her.
  • I billed another client who was three months behind in paying me so I sent a passive aggressive note about needing to be paid.
Overall a crappy day and we still didn't end up with internet by the time we went to bed.


  1. We have been through the "it must be your modem" scenario countless times and I can tell you from experience that it's never the modem. It's always something with the lines in the area. They just don't tell you that because they probably don't even know themselves!! It has made me insane at times. I'm going to take a guess and say your service provider is Comcast, no?

    1. Actually Cox but they are exactly the same as Comcast which we had in Washington and which always defaulted to the "it's your modem excuse" when things didn't work.

  2. Oh how I hate buggy Internet service!