Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 26 No Spend November

Yesterday was definitely better than the day before but we did spend some money...

  • We started off with no internet in the morning and couple of ranty phone calls from me to the cable company (apparently this morning everyone else had their internet back except me so it must be my modem.  They said they would send out a tech.).
  • I put the dentist's coupon an a flash drive, we both grabbed our laptops and headed to the library.  I paid 10 cents at the library for them to print out my coupon and hubby set up his computer there and watched Netflix while I got some work done using their free internet.  Hubby paid $1 for a coffee from the machine at the library which came out mostly water but since it was a vending machine from some company he didn't get a refund.  Bummer.
  • After we left the library we got hubby a cup of coffee at the gas station for $1.50.  He should have brought coffee from home but I was in such a hurry we just fled the house in the morning so that was my mistake.
  • Next stop dentist.  I got a coupon off his website for complete x rays and an exam for $39.  Turns out my teeth are in great shape (for my age...why do people have to preface statements with "for your age"??) but my gums are sensitive and need below the gum line cleaning and he said I should probably quit clenching my jaw when I am stressed.  Aarrrr  At least I was really happy with this dentist, his staff, and his office so I will be going back.
  • After the dentist we stopped by Del Taco and spent $2.49 on three tacos and a burrito.  Again, my fault, I didn't want to stop and eat breakfast after I had already brushed and flossed my teeth so decided to wait until after the dentist to eat.  If I wasn't in such a hurry to get out of the house I would have made us sandwiches but that was the last thing on my mind this morning.
  • We went to Walmart next and spent $15.73 on two wipe blades, a small can of Crisco so I can make pies for Thanksgiving and a half quart of whipping cream for said pies.
  • Finally we went to the 99 cent store for more Thanksgiving stuff and spent $13.20 on: 4 quarts of chicken broth, 2 lbs tangerines, toothpaste, a can of evaporated milk, a can of yams, a can of cranberry sauce, 2 green peppers, 2 cucumbers, denture cleanser, and a box of junior mints (I pretty much need chocolate on a regular basis).
  • After all of our errands we came home to working internet!  So I was able to rack up a few more hours and turn in my hour sheet for the month with close to 60 hours (my goal each month is 60 hours which gives me an extra $1000...more would be even better!).
  • Also in the afternoon a girl came and bought two chairs we had listed on Craigslist for $15.  This was awesome because the chairs were free to us--we found them down the street next to the neighbors garbage and next to the boxes for the two new chairs they got--and hubby had to do minimal cleaning to make them look good.  Also, hubby suddenly decided that buying stuff cheap at the Goodwill and finding usable things in people's trash and reselling them is a great idea and he is eager to get started on this new business venture! 
Total spent: $73.02  Ouch!

And a useful article: 100 ways to make $100 fast


  1. Glad you fared well at the dentist! And I guess it wasn't your modem after all, then!

  2. Thanks, I always imagine the worst case scenario which makes me quite happy when that DOESNT happen!