Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 3 No Spend November

Yesterday was a busy day and yet we didn't spend any money!

When we left the house I had a craving for a Baskin Robbins Blast (I always have a craving for a Baskin Robbins Blast but try to limit myself to one a week).  I had a frequent buyer punch card that was filled up last month so my Blast today was free (I have no idea what I will do about my cravings for the rest of the month!).

Then we went to watch the PBA World Series of Bowling which we picked up free tickets to a couple of weeks ago (hubby is a huge bowling fan).  It was really fun to watch until...

...I saw a perfect photo op because we were so close to the lanes.  How was I to know that just as I pushed the button on my camera to take the photo it would suddenly become so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Or a camera click.  Just as this guy went up to bowl he heard my camera click and stopped and glared over at me.  The cameramen filming the event for ESPN looked over and glared at me.  The entire audience looked over and glared at me.  Eeeekkkk

However, at the end when it was really noisy I managed one more photo.  At least the guy that I interrupted won this big tournament and came in second in the big big tournament which was held after this one.

Then hubby played poker (with his poker money left over from last month) and won $32 (which will probably go to gas as we didn't really "prepare" for this challenge so we didn't fill up the gas tank or fill up the refrigerator prior to the month beginning).

We also ate all of our meals at home.  Overall a win for this month's challenge!


  1. That embarrassing camera noise happened to me once at a serious and quiet event. I finally found out that there was a silent setting on my camera and now it doesn't make any sound.

  2. Wow that is really cool, where is that? No legal Poker here in TX.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I didnt even know I could make the shutter quiet. I will definitely figure out how to do that for next time :)