Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 4 No Spend November

We spent money yesterday :(  I knew we couldn't go that long without spending any money but day 4??  Here's where our money went (and note that I am only reporting discretionary spending.  Mandatory spending like our house payment and insurance payment and other bills that we pay monthly are, of course, getting paid):

  • We went to bingo in the morning and while bingo is free and beverages are free, we always tip the kitchen crew and didn't want to stiff them just because we are doing a no spend month so hubby gave them the usual $1 tip.  And no, I have yet to win anything at bingo even though we have been going for months!
  • We ended up staying at the casino all day (bingo, hubby's bowling, and then a friend came down from Seattle and surprised us so he and hubby played poker for a few hours) and while I did pack breakfast for us to eat there, I didn't bring lunch and by 3pm I was starving so we ate at the restaurant in the casino which was free with hubby's comps but we still tipped the wait staff $3.
  • We got gas for the car today because it was running on fumes.  $50 and it didn't even fill up the tank but gas prices are pretty low ($3.20 a gallon) so we got more for our money than usual.
  • Hubby and his friend went to watch the final table at the WSOP where one of the players will win $8 million dollars which he enjoyed.  Tickets for this event were free.  Fortunately there are a lot of free activities in Vegas!
Total spent today was $53

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  1. Ouch on the gas price! And no, you can't really get too far on fumes! ;) lol!