Monday, December 30, 2013

35 Hours Until 2014!

It's been a busy few days!

  • I called and got some reduction in my internet bill for the following year.  We had 50% off the regular price but they could only give me 40% off this time which is better than nothing but still means our internet bill will be going up in the new year.
  • We have been cooking like maniacs!  Hubby's cousin (one of the six who live in Las Vegas) was/is having a house full of people for the holidays (about a dozen visitors from Christmas to New Years) so she made a haul at Costco, dropped off many pounds of meat and vegetables, and hubby has been cooking nearly every day for them.  This is good because it saves the cousin a lot of money when it comes to feeding so many people (she doesn't cook so she would have ended up taking everyone out for meal after meal), hubby is an excellent cook and he cooks huge Filipino food meals that are both economical to make and can be shared/reheated/etc for a large group, plus he would be bored silly with nothing to do this week without this project since his bowling leagues are on vacation until after the first of the year.  So this is working out well for everyone!
  • I got my $100 REI gift certificate (the one that came with getting an REI visa card) and promptly went shopping.  I ended up getting this bag (yes ANOTHER bag) and still have $40 left on the gift card.
  • We decided that we will go to the cousin's house for New Years Eve which is (MUCH) better than going to the Strip (with 100,000 other people) but less better than staying home (I'm not a fan of being on the roads on New Years Eve--too many drunk drivers).
In other news, it is a balmy 60+ degrees here, I watched MMA fighting for the first time on pay per view at the cousin's house (worst sport ever IMHO), and the mayor's son was beat up and left for dead and the story wasn't reported until two weeks later (still scratching head over that one).


  1. We never go out on NYE either. Too risky. They're having a big thing right in town that we can walk to, if we can stay awake, that is.

  2. Happy New Year, April!