Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 Days Left of 2013

Yeah...2013 is almost over!

  • I'm glad Christmas is over.  We have been eating so much junk and my digestion is in revolt (probably pre-menopausal related) so after eating at the buffet yesterday I fasted until lunch today and now feel much better (plus we had a light lunch and light dinner and ginger tea in the evening so that probably helped too).
  • Speaking of the buffet, hubby's cousin paid $200 for the five of us for our nice Christmas buffet.  The gracious side of me was very thankful for her generosity, the frugal side of me thinks I could have fed all five of us for at least two weeks with that much money.  Eeekk
  • One of hubby's fish died today.  We started with five then one died a couple of weeks ago, one year to the day we got it.  Then another died today.  Fortunately the fish only cost around 15 cents from Walmart (they are cheap feeder fish but still make nice aquarium fish); I'm sure we would do even worse with really expensive tropical fish.
  • I paid off one of my credit cards today and should pay off the other next week.  I'm leaving both cards at home and NOT USING credit any more.  It will be much better for me to not use credit any more except for the rare annual occasion to keep the cards active.
  • I can't wait until January so we can do a no spend/low spend month.  I think I have a spending hangover and the thought of spending money makes me jittery.  Double eekkk.


  1. $200 is a nice chunk of change, but it was a nice treat all the same! :) I'd leave the c.c's at home too!! lol!

  2. Congratulations on paying off a credit card!

  3. We used to have fish. It was not a good experience. I actually thought $200 for a Christmas buffet in Las Vegas for 5 people was a pretty good deal. I can never eat enough at a buffet to feel like I got my money's worth though. I hope the food was good.

  4. Yay for paying off the credit card! :)

  5. I think a year is a pretty good lifespan for an aquarium fish. I am looking forward to my eating getting back to normal after Jan 1 - a couple days of indulgence to go! I always do a no spend/low spend Jan and Feb so I'm with you on that!