Sunday, December 22, 2013

9 More Days Left of 2013

Speeding right along towards 2014...

  • The whirlwind of cousins left this afternoon.  They are three ladies in their 60s who look and act like teenagers.  They always travel together and show up pretty much anywhere in the world when you least expect them but they always bring fun and gossip and their entertaining selves which makes for a very enjoyable visit.  So we cooked for them and caught up on family gossip, gave them a list of places to shop (hubby and I opted out of going with them), and when they left did a quick cleaning of the house.  I believe the rest of the year will be quiet but one never knows...
  • I NEED to stop eating!  I am a bloated, chubby mess and I have been eating way to much junk food (everyone from friends to family to hubby's bowling team mates have given us candy and other sweets for Christmas which I keep eating and eating.  Ugghh).  I can't wait to start working towards my massive walking goals in 2014!
  • Hubby is going to be bored.  All of his bowling leagues are on vacation until the first of the year so he has nothing to do for the next week and a half and is not happy about that.  In fact, he is so into bowling now he hasn't played much poker and doesn't even miss it.  We may be doing some hiking or open bowling just to keep ourselves entertained.
  • We still have no solid plan for Christmas (again, that may change as well) so it may be just a quiet dinner at home for the hubby and I.  I do, however, want to make a couple of pumpkin pies which are my favorite but it seems I only make them at Thanksgiving and Christmas--I may eat an entire pie just to get my yearly fix of the stuff!