Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Technical Issues...Arrgghhh

This is not my month for technology.  A couple weeks ago we did the multi-day internet outage thing (complete with harried phone calls to the cable company and running back and forth to the cable company office to try to resolve the problem) and now, since Sunday night, my Yahoo email has been down with no fix in sight.

I'm one of many who are furious with Yahoo email which not only can't seem to fix the glitch after days, but seems to only post one update per day on what is going on  (actually the updates only say they are experiencing maintenance issues with no additional information).  I am so irked that I missed a meeting yesterday (I could see the email come in on my phone AFTER the GoToMeeting meeting happened) and then when it came to wrapping my gifts and getting them ready to ship to Japan yesterday, I had to scramble to find the addresses to ship the gifts to because the addresses were in my contacts folder in Yahoo email which I couldn't access either through my computer or through my phone (I dug through a box and found old letters from my friends in order to find their addresses).

Sooo, my project for this upcoming week is to #1 move all of my email--both work and personal--to my Gmail account and #2 make triple redundant back ups of everything that I have online (back up all of my online contacts, back up all of the phone numbers that are on my cell phone, back up all of my files and photos on my computer, etc).  I want to keep both digital copies (on a flash drive) as well as hard copies of all of this information because I never know when I will need it and I also never know when the internet/my computer/internet services like Yahoo are going to bite the dust.

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  1. I couldn't access my yahoo email through IE but could through Firefox, I don't know if you have tried that but I figured I might as well try and it worked.