Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Things Thursday

Here's ten things that we did today:

  1. When my sister in law stayed with us this summer, she bought a swiffer for us (everyone needs a swiffer, she said) and a bunch of disposable swiffer cleaning pads.  Well the cleaning pads finally ran out last week and I don't want to buy any more so now I'm starting on the case of disposable kitchen wipes she left (apparently everyone uses disposable kitchen wipes too).  I just pull out three or four of the moist kitchen cleaning wipes and push them around the floor with the swiffer.  It seems to work! 
  2. My Yahoo mail finally came back this evening (three days later) so I've spent the last couple of hours pulling out and deleting all of my contacts on Yahoo and putting them into my Gmail account then sending an email to all of my contacts now on Gmail telling them I have a new email address.  Uggg  p.s. none of the emails sent to me over the past few days made it through all of the Yahoo drama so I don't know if anything important was sent to me or not.  Oh well.
  3. I took all of my neatly wrapped packages to the post office this morning to get the gifts sent to Japan and two of them--flat calendars--were going to cost $17 each to mail!  I swear the price to mail them last year was $6 or $7 so I was totally shocked.  I decided to only send one package to my friend and her kids (at a cost of $28!!) and the two people who were going to get calendars will now get nice Christmas cards.  Shipping costs are getting ridiculous these days!!!
  4. I used my credit card for the first time today.  It was kind of fun shopping--I bought a couple of things for hubby and couple of things for me--but it certainly gave me a twinge of guilt (?) to pull out the plastic to pay for my purchases.
  5. My sister called me today and said she has pneumonia and some lung problem.  She is a total hypochondriac but she did have cancer when she was a teenager so I hope this is only a hypochondriac thing.  She asked me if I have been waking up at 3am and sure enough I have.  It seems that whenever something bad is going to happen, I wake up every morning at 3am, sometimes it only lasts a week or so and sometime it goes on for a month.  Last week I woke up at 3am every morning for a week and then it stopped.  I've done this my entire life but fortunately it doesn't happen often often (but often enough for me to worry about what it is that will happen).
  6. I made a giant pot of curry for dinner last night and I will probably eat it for dinner every night until it is gone (I have weird eating patterns).  Hubby can only stand leftovers once or twice until he doesn't want any more.  I can eat the same thing every day for a week or two and be happy about it.
  7. January is definitely going to be a no spend month!  We seem to be spending like crazy this month or maybe it just seems that way because we were so tight on our spending last month.
  8. I making a website for a friend's work project which will give me a nice chunk of change by the end of the month.  Just getting the domain name purchased and web hosting set up took them two weeks but now I get to do the rest so I hope to get it completed this weekend.
  9. We are deciding what to do for New Year's Eve.  Hubby wants to go to the Las Vegas Strip for New Years and I would prefer to stay home.  Year before last we went to the Strip (way too many people if you ask me) then last year we stayed home (my choice) so this year hubby gets to decide.  Looks like we will be in a sea of people on the Strip for New Years :I
  10. The weather is better.  Daytime temps are back to the 60s which is wonderful!


  1. If you use dryer sheets for laundry, save them and use two on your swifter. I use liquid in the Summer when i line dry, but it seems always have enough to get me through the year. If all else fails, use a rag, stick your arm out the door to shake it out, and re-use til it really needs a wash. The actual swifter sheets are expensive!

    1. That's a great idea! I will definitely try dryer sheets next time.

  2. Funny about that three o'clock thing. You must be intuitive. The other morning I woke up and the clock said 1:11. I thought that was weird. Supposedly if you wake up at 3:33 over and over, it's some kind of paranormal event that's occurring. I think I heard that on George Noory's Coast to Coast radio show.

    1. Yep it is almost always wake up at 3:15 go back to sleep at 3:45, watch as the clock ticks past 3:30, sometimes for a week or two which is both exhausting and disconcerting. I didnt know about the paranormal thing so I googled it Scary!