Friday, December 13, 2013

A Quick Update

I received credit card #2 today.  The deal with this card is if I use it within the first 60 days, I will get a $100 gift certificate from REI so tomorrow I will go buy hubby a bowling ball with it (around $80 for a plastic ball that he needs for spares).  I will then pay it off, get my gift certificate, buy some trekking poles with it, and be done with that credit card for a long while (I figure if I use it once every six months that will keep it active enough).  With credit card #1 I will see if it makes sense to pay bills with it then pay it in full each month as that card gives some sort of cash rewards back.

My main project today is working on a new website for a client.  I've looked at 896 themes for Wordpress and can't find a single one that isn't ugly.  I don't mean the themes themselves are ugly but none of them seem to match with a work project that has much to do with death and disease (it is a project for infectious disease docs).  So I make up the pages, try a new theme, say "gads that's ugly", try a new theme, rinse, repeat.  Hopefully it will come together.

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