Sunday, December 8, 2013

Today's To Do List

Well we stayed home yesterday and had exactly zero snowfall.  Apparently there was some snow on our local mountains but nothing down in the valley.  Bummer.  That is something I would have liked to have seen since it is such a rarity in Las Vegas.  Anyway, we have a lot to do today which includes:

  • I need a Baskin Robbins Blast.  I need some caffeine!  It's been six days!
  • I have a coupon for a $7.99 haircut and shampoo which I will use today.  I do the coloring part at home.
  • We've been eating "boring food" lately according to hubby so to shake things up I will run by Chinatown and get him a live crab for dinner (we cook it, obviously).  They are only $2.99 per pound (for rock crab which he likes, not Dungeness which are expensive these days) which is a very reasonable price.
  • I NEED to get my Christmas shopping done.  Yesterday I received a package from my friend in Japan full of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents (and she has two kids, a very busy household, lots of freelance work, yada yada.  I'm SO lazy...I need to get moving on this!).
  • We need to get gas in the car.  We are still using the gas from last month but it is getting low.  Those no spend/no leave the house days really made our gas last a long time!
  • I've decided that instead of doing the 50 mile walk I was planning on doing, I will do the Great Saunter (it's a 32 mile walk and held on the same day as the 50 mile walk).  The Great Saunter is shorter (better for me, I'm sure) and easier to get to (downtown Manhattan).  So I will register for the walk today and then use our air miles to make our air reservations.
  • Hubby will play poker--it's been four days since he has played!
  • I will list/relist two items on Craigslist.
I hope you have a wonderful (warm!) Sunday!

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