Saturday, December 7, 2013

Waiting for the Weather...and Some Links

It's a sunny Saturday in Las Vegas and we are waiting for it to snow.  It's hasn't snowed in Las Vegas for five years (we weren't here then) but the forecasters swear it will snow today.  I am anxiously waiting with camera in hand!  It is still freezing cold and our furnace is still running and running and running.

We wrapped towels around our outdoor faucets so they wouldn't freeze, but other than that, we don't have much in the way of things for bad weather since we sold or gave away everything winter-related (snow shovel, tire chains, winter boots, etc) before we left Seattle.

Five happy things from this week:

  1. I checked Zillow and the value of our house has increased $40,000 since we bought it (!!)
  2. A girl I used to work with five years ago called me out of the blue and asked if I could make a website for one of her work projects--of course I said YES!
  3. I thought I would get many less hours with my current freelance project because the girl I am working for will be out due to surgery for the next couple of weeks but she gave me lots of stuff to do while she is gone.
  4. It's National Finals Rodeo week and there are thousands and thousands of cowboys roaming around Las Vegas this week which is very cool to see :)
  5. I made a turkey pot pie with Thanksgiving leftovers and it came out great (surprisingly!).

And some interesting links:


  1. That Mike Rowe interview was really interesting. In regards to those jobs in the gulf that offer training but no one wants them because the working conditions are hot...well...they are! The summer heat and humidity down here is brutal. Imagine welding steel with a helmet on in that kind of heat, in the belly of a ship? My husband thought long and hard about that one and at age 56 he just didn't think he could survive those kinds of conditions, even though they offered free training.

    1. My brother in law works in construction in south Georgia in the summer--how people can do that is just beyond me. I can't even go outside there during the summer as it is so hot and humid!

  2. You should slightly turn out the outside faucets so they run a little water. This will help prevent them from freezing.