Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Day Late...

This post is for yesterday since we are "on vacation" (actually right down the street from our house in a hotel) for a couple of days and I was #1 too cheap to pay for in room wi-fi and #2 too lazy to haul myself and my laptop down to Starbucks to use their free wi fi last night.

Yesterday's update

  • Walk: 7 miles (I did a volksmarch.  The weather has been just perfect for walking this month! 960 miles to go)
  • No spend: We spent a total of $14.95 ($2.08 at the 99 Cent store for candy and acetone nail polish remover which hubby uses to clean his bowling balls; $1 for popcorn which hubby bought me at the bowling alley because he said it looked good; $1 tip for the free shuttle driver--I use the shuttle to go from the hotel to the Strip instead of driving; $5.46 for Subway since hubby was hungry while playing poker; $1 hubby tipped the waitress for coffee while he was playing poker; $4.41 for a late night snack from Wendys since we skipped dinner--a late lunch was free from hubby's cousin...dim sum...yum!)
  • Update this blog: yep, late
  • Update client's blog: nope, no internet access
  • Photo: yep via Instagram and my cell phone which makes it really easy to snap and post a picture every day
  • Client work: nope, no internet access
  • Genealogy: nope, no internet access
  • Writing: yep on my trusty tablet

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