Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Plan, God Laughs

I like to plan things.  I always have a "to do" list and a calendar and I am usually very organized.  Anyway, I had my plan all made for the upcoming week--when I would do my walks, hubby's bowling schedule, etc--and then hubby's cousin called and asked if we could stay in her suite at the Rio later this week.  She lives in LA and has a house here as well and she gambles A LOT so she gets a lot of comps.  For some reason she needs to use her hotel comp now (maybe they expire?) but she would rather stay at her house here than a hotel so she always asks us if we want to use her comps.  Of course we always say yes.

This kind of puts a crimp in our plans and an even bigger crimp in our no spend efforts but it is a very generous offer from her so we will be happy to stay in the hotel and it will kind of be a mini vacation for us.  Here's my new plan:

  • We are going to take a cooler with lots of bottled water and snacks (we would rather make a meal of snacks than pay for an expensive breakfast at a hotel).
  • Hubby has a restaurant gift certificate that he won playing poker online for $50 which we will try to stretch to cover three meals (we usually split restaurant meals anyway since they are so big plus if we go to the restaurant at lunch instead of dinner we can save even more money).
  • There are four walks I wanted to do around the Strip which I will do this week instead of at the end of the month like I was planning.
  • We will probably not need to use our car (and gas) as there are free shuttles from the hotel to the Strip so it will just stay in the parking lot.
  • We might still splurge on a buffet at the Rio one of the nights we are there.  The usual price is around $30 per person for dinner but with a local ID they only charge us half price (about $15 for a really huge, really good buffet!).

Daily update:
  • Walk: 2 miles (967 miles to go).
  • No spend: we stayed home all day and spent $0!!!
  • Update this blog: yep
  • Update client's blog: not on Sunday
  • Photo: yep
  • Client work: not on Sunday
  • Genealogy: filled out five forms and got them all ready to mail (I will mail them at the end of the month when I get paid because they all include checks to pay for the documents I am ordering).  I did find a way around the death certificate change that was going to cost over $30--I will simply order the birth certificate from the county for $10 instead of the state then send it to the state with the correction information (the death certificate has the wrong mother listed for the person).
  • Writing: I took all of the pieces I have written during the past week and cut and paste them into the main manuscript.  Now to edit...

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