Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Day one of the new year was rather uneventful...

  • Yesterday we went to dinner at the cousin's house then came home, intending to go out later to celebrate the new year at a local casino.  Alas I am coming down with something (sore throat, stuffy head) so we decided to skip the festivities and just stayed home and watched the wonderful fireworks display on the Strip from our back deck.  To me, that's the perfect way to ring in the new year (minus the illness part).
  • Also yesterday--the day before our no spend January and February started--I decided to buy another tablet (see photo above).  I think this one may work better as it has a keyboard that I can snap on, I can use a mouse with it, and it has the full office suite which basically equals a computer/tablet that I can do all of my proofreading/editing work on (that was impossible with the last tablet I bought and returned).  Plus it can be an easy to carry around tablet without all of the add-ons.  It "only" cost $350 which both took the remainder of the money I earned last month and had intended to put in savings but saved me a lot of money over the similar Surface tablet that I had been looking at.  On another note, since it is no spend January, I didn't have time to buy a cover for it or a memory card for it so those things won't be purchased until somewhere around March 1st!
  • Today was a pretty quiet day.  I still feel half sick so I decided not to do a 10k walk but since I want to try to walk every single day this year, I did walk two miles with the hubby in the nice 65 degree sunshine.
  • We also cleaned the house today.  Our vacuum was kind of getting to the point where I want to buy a new one (again, not going to happen for a couple of months) so hubby basically took it apart, took a bunch of crud off of the six filters in the thing, pulled out all kinds of stuff from the beater brush, and now it works just like brand new!
  • I added another goal--goal #13--to the side bar.  I figured since I was going to walk so much this year, why not aim for walking a total of 1000 miles?
And my daily update:

In the interest of not boring people to death with "Day 1 No Spend January" ad nauseum, I figured I would just post my daily update on my no spend and other goals at the end of each daily post (hoping that I will make a post a day, everyday, to this blog in 2014).  So...
  • Walk: I want to walk every single day this year.  Today I walked 2 miles.
  • No spend: an inauspicious start to our no spend month--we spent $4.32 on a package of steel wool scrubbers, a box of gallon sized freezer bags, a bottle of spic and span cleaner, and a bottle of pine cleaner.  We were out of these items and needed them for cleaning today.  On a good note, we are back to debating every single one of our purchases even if said item only costs $1.
  • Photo: I would like to take a photo a day this year and figured I would just post a picture a day on Instagram.  Done.
  • Paleo: I also want to eat as paleo-ish as possible this year.  Today was completely paleo.


  1. A good start to the year! What brand is your tablet?

    1. It's an Asus Transformer. They used to make netbooks and I was happy with mine some years ago but it was still clunky. Since this is a stand alone tablet I like it alot better!

  2. very nice gift for yourself...........wouldn't mind one myself!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. I am talking about toilet paper today!!

    1. It's a handy little gadget to have. I better run over to your blog and see about the whole TP thing :)

  3. Can I ask how/why your tablet has a boo-boo?? lol!!